Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leila's Curtains Dance

Leila's Curtain Dance, 2012

This house was now empty, having been sold after being in the same family since 1892,
these curtains were dancing in the autumn breeze


Seashell in my garden, on a rock terrace, 2012

Blackbirds, Hardley Creek State Park

Blackbirds, Hardley Creek State Park, 2012

I was eating my lunch here just below the West Point Dam and these two tame 
blackbirds came up, so I shared my turkey sandwich on wheat, with swiss and mustard, 
which I found appropriate, wild birds eating flightless domestic birds raised for food
This lucky photo, from about six feet away, created one dark shape with
two hot red eyes, very masklike, and as a fan of Carl Jung I immediately
recognized it for something more than the obvious

Grizzly Island, Suisun Bay, California

Sunset Fisherman, Grizzly Island National Wildlife Refuge, Suisun Bay, California

This is where the Sacramento River empties into San Francisco Bay, 
first forming Suisun Bay - a Chevron refinery at the mouth of the river
threatens the entire refuge and all the wildlife here
The grizzlies were all hunted to extinction here by Grizzly Adams
and his trigger happy hunters

Copper Ceiling, San Francisco

Ceiling Reflections, Union Square, San Francisco

This is the famous copper ceiling in the Nieman-Marcus at Union Square, 
San Francisco, at Christmas. I had to climb out on a wooden beam
to take this - luckily no store employees were watching
My friend Paul is in the aisle in the foreground looking to the right
Of course, this is the photo flipped upside-down
Just after taking this, I crawled out onto a window ledge to 
take the Union Square lights reflected in the window

Sailing Day, San Francisco Bay

Sailing Day, San Francisco Day

The traditional opening day of the sailing season in spring, 
on San Francisco Bay, an estimated 10,000 sailboats set sail
[This is a digital photo of an enlargement of the original slide, which is below]

Clothesline, San Francisco

Clothesline, San Francisco
[My first published photo]

This was near the cable car museum in San Francisco
We were walking to the museum and I saw this photo, which
was my first published photo, Best of Photographer's Forum annual
[above is a digital photo of an enlargement, below is a scan of the original slide]

Sausalito Marina Boats

Sausalito Marina, north San Francisco Bay

This is on the Marin headlands side of the bay, with a view of the city and the Golden Gate
This was my second published photograph, Best of Photographer's Forum annual

Piegan Pass Trail, Glacier National Park

Trail to Piegan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana

You can see two hikers on the trail about a mile ahead of us, about one-fourth
of the photo from the right edge, looking like a boulder where there are none
The 'saddle' in the mountain is the pass

Maureen, University of Georgia

Maureen, U of Georgia historic garden, old campus

This garden, and the university, have been there since 1732
It's the oldest state university grant in the U.S.
Georgia also had the first women's university, Wesleyan in Macon,
and the first black university, Moorehouse, in Atlanta
Maureen was there a lot later

Antique Bottles, Monticello Georgia

Bottles, Antique shop, Monticello, Georgia

Pigeon Lady, Seattle

Pigeon Lady, downtown Seattle, Washington

This lady showed up with a huge bag of seed to feed the pigeons, and 
they devoured all the food within minutes

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Taken from the grand view point, you can see trails winding through
the spires, called 'hoodoos' in this national park, they are unique to Bryce

Brush Fire, California

Brush Fire, San Fernando Valley, California

Most of these are started by drivers flicking cigarettes out of windows, or pulling
off the highway in the dry grass, and exhaust ignites the grass
Some become major forest fires - this is how half of those start

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, California

Taken from the Marin headlands on the north side of the bridge

El Capitan, Merced River, Yosemite

Merced River, Yosemite National Park

This is El Capitan reflected in the Merced River in Yosemite National Park, California

Candlestick Park, San Francisco

Candlestick Park, near San Francisco, California

This is actually closer to Belmont and San Bruno, but was the home of both the 49ers
football team and the Giants baseball team - taken on Willie McCovey Day, I
went because I was a big fan of him and Willie Mays as a kid

Blossums, Mt. San Bruno State Park

Blossums at Mt. San Bruno State Park, California

This is about 15 miles south of San Francisco, very near Candlestick Park
I was not able to identify the type of flower, they are small, this was a macro zoon

Biscayne Bay, Miami

Boats on Biscayne Bay, North Miami Beach, Florida

This was taken at dawn from my girlfriend's parents' balcony

Pacifica, California

Coastline at Pacifica, California, from the pier

Golden Gate and San Francisco

San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge Tower
Taken from the Marin headlands on the north side of the bridge

C & H Sugar Factory

C & H Sugar factory, Martinez, California

Sausalito Marina

Sausalito Marina, late afternoon

Oconee National Forest

Oconee National Forest, near Athens, Georgia
[above is a photo of the print, below is a scan of the original slide]

Ramos Ranch, Palo Alto

White Horse, Ramos Ranch, near Palo Alto, California

Flying into Medford

Flying into Medford, Oregon


Jimmy, U of Georgia physical plant

This was taken to use for a portrait 
drawing for his parents

Snow Day on Pine Mountain, 2010

Snow Day on Pine Mountain, winter 2010

This was my house in the snow that day, after it fell for about two hours, so thick I couldn't 
get clear photos.. after it fell, the sun came out and then it was perfect.. 
I love hiking in the snow, so I now have crampons. 

I hiked around my neighborhood, driving was impossible on the 
steep mountain, my truck is across the road behind my house, 
it took me 90 minutes to go ten miles coming down off the mountain 
from work - the road was closed by the state troopers, but I 
was already on it and had access to getting down