Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grizzly Island, Suisun Bay, California

Sunset Fisherman, Grizzly Island National Wildlife Refuge, Suisun Bay, California

This is where the Sacramento River empties into San Francisco Bay, 
first forming Suisun Bay - a Chevron refinery at the mouth of the river
threatens the entire refuge and all the wildlife here
The grizzlies were all hunted to extinction here by Grizzly Adams
and his trigger happy hunters

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  1. Hi Jose
    It's brilliant. It's the soothest landscape which has come across my eyes in recent times. I remember the very famous lines by a renowned Indian poet and writer 'Gulzar'

    'Khali hath shaam aayi hai
    Khali hath jaayegi
    Aaj bhi na aaya koi
    Aaj bhi na aaya koi
    Khali laut jaayegi'

    The evening has come empty handed
    And it would go empty handed
    Nobody came today also
    Nobody came today also
    so it would return empty handed...

    Keep posting.