Monday, March 11, 2013

Canyon Walls, Zion National Park

Canyon Walls, Zion National Park, Utah
[35mm slide scan]


  1. Zion Canyon lies at the heart of this beautiful national park and is arguably the most popular of all of Utah's natural wonders. The canyon was carved by the powerful waters of the Virgin River and then widened, sculpted, and reshaped by wind, rain, and ice.

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  2. I think Arches National Park near Moab was my favorite, just because of all the unusual land bridges and area to hike.. across from that to the west, Canyonlands is the wildest place I've seen in the US, the most forbidding and remote.. after these two, I then like Zion and Bryce Canyons.. but Utah certainly has MORE than it's share of beautiful desert, much more than any other state - I've hiked hundreds of miles there and that total should be in the thousands -- Jose